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​Eastsafe · 东方朔®、Ksafety®、Mr. Safe®、Anysafe® are registered trademark or trademark used by Qingdao Eastsafe Industrial Co.,LTD. All rights reserved.
At the beginning of establishment, Qingdao Eastsafe Industrial Co.,LTD regards workers' occupational health as our responsibility, meanwhile, We are leading the international advanced concept of occupational health protection into China Constantly, and specialize in the development, production and sale of Eastsafe东方朔® high quality safety footwear.Eastsafe东方朔®safety footwear not only provide foot protective for every worker, but also bring a safe, comfortable and fashionable working environment for various people from countries.

In 2006, our company introduce the whole production lines of PU injection, Goodyear welt construction and the latest production technology of safety shoes from South Korea.We adopted the construction of PU plant injected directly to the leather,develop high quality safety footwear and exclusively designed a new European sports package style safety shoes! We not only have experienced technical experts in safety shoes industry,but also on the base of digesting the international advanced shoemaking concept, created the 58 safety shoes production processes . Our shoes are produced strictly according with the European CE standard (EN20345:2011 Personal protective equipment Safety footwear), International safety footwear standard ISO20345:2007 and China's national standard GB21148-2007, so that We can ensure that every pair of shoes are well designed and made by footwear experts.

Meanwhile, we have established long-term and friend cooperated relations with more than 40 enterprises from the world 500 strong enterprises.

Why Eastsafe safety shoes are widely recognized? Because we not only produce safety shoes, and show you safety, at the same time, we also bring every enterprise a security concept, and make the worker feel comfortable.

In 2009,we introduce European advanced technology and material, at the same time,high-end dustproof protective clothing, paint protective clothing, chemical protective clothing and medical protective clothing are inventively developed and globally used in the defense of H1N1.
EASTSAFE东方朔® injection safety shoes and K8 Goodyear safety shoes have been awarded the Production License by the Bureau of Quality Supervision, LA certificate awarded by National safety supervision bureau and CE certificate awarded by EU. We promise sole broken and phenomenon opening glue won't never appear.We promise every shoes All protective clothing of Eastsafe东方朔® has been awarded SGS report,CE certificate and approved by SFDA.

Eastsafe东方朔® not only show safety concept for every worker, but also offer kinds of service for every worker and enterprise.Eastsafe will convince global countries of made-in-china products, at the same time to make Chinese work safe.We will make you work leisurely and escort for your occupational health wholeheartedly!
Eastsafe · 东方朔®、Ksafety®、Mr. Safe®、Anysafe® are registered trademark or trademark used by Qingdao Eastsafe Industrial Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

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